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Racial Discrimination of Sanaa’s Regimen Against Southern Citizens

Bassam Ahmed Abdullah

First we should assert the attitude of international human law and domestic laws as they consider the importance of respecting law to achieve peace after wars through protecting human rights to support economic progress and development. UN convention is based on equity and dignity. The International Declaration of Human Rights indicated that all humans are born free and equal in rights and it is the right of every person to enjoy freedom, rights and protection without discrimination. UN denounced all types of occupation and all acts of isolation and discrimination. UN General Assembly decision of eliminating all kinds of racial discrimination asserts the importance of understanding and protecting personal dignity. All calls for supremacy based on racial discrimination are considered wrong, denounced and unfair as discrimination contradicts with prevalence of peaceful and friendly relations among nations and disrupts global peace. Sanaa’s regimen exercised racial discrimination against southern citizens and led them to fight against it, refuse the union and struggle to restore their independent state of the south. We call for all free nations of the world to stand with the southern cause and support our independence and freedom. The following are some hints about discrimination acts of Sanaa’s regimen (coup and legitimacy) against the south: • Since 1994 war, southern citizens are treated as nationals not citizens and most of them were dismissed off their jobs without any legal reasons. Northern/southern partnership in state administration was discarded completely. • Southern citizens were marginalized and denied their right of participating in decision making. • Since the union, southern citizens are banned from administrating all revenue gaining facilities like Omran and Bagel cement factories, National Association of Gas, Yemeni Airlines, Yemeni Economic Association, banks … etc. and only northern citizens could hold these positions. • Southern citizens are banned from holding positions in the legal system and foreign affairs, except for those who were in office before the union. • Southern citizens are banned from applying to military and navy academies in addition to dismissing all former officers of the southern army and turning the national army into a regional army for northern governorates. • Southern military commanders are banned from commanding fully equipped military units while northern commanders could do so, except for a few commanders who expressed their loyalty to the north. • Southern lands were distributed among influential military commanders and civilian leaders of the north while southern citizens were denied that right. • Electricity prices were increased in hot areas where southern citizens need it while prices remained low in cooler areas. This led southern citizens with low income to be unable to pay for their electric consumption. • All southern cities are under heavy taxes and fees. City improvement funds are transferred to Sanaa without any benefits for tax payers. • Foreign companies can fish in southern waters in exchange for paying hard currency to Sanaa’s regimen without any monitoring. These companies use internationally banned fishing methods. These are only hints for discriminative practices against the southern citizens exercised by Sanaa’s regimen that denied southern citizens their simplest rights asserted in all laws. Sanaa is treating the south as a conqueror who is joyful for his victory since 1994 war that destroyed the south, killed its citizens and demolished the so-called union.

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