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Rahawa Alfalah Road in Yafia Sarar – Abian: Difficulties and Fantasies

SMA News – Reports – Saleh Al-Bukhaiti
Citizens of Hammah – Yafia Sarar, who live on top of its high mountains, insisted on digging their own road, with self-sustained efforts, among rough rocks, as their dreams were lost among false promises of the government from time to time to dig Rahawa Alfalah Road, the main life pipe for them.
Although the distance is very long and the area is rocky, citizens launched their galante campaign and managed to dig a considerable part of the road to decrease the distance, hoping that one day they can enjoy transportation that provide them with life necessities.
This road will link them with services provided in Sarar and Rasad on the other side of the governorate’s capital, like hospitals for sick people and urgent cases in addition to educational centers that students can’t reach because of long distances on rough roads that are blocked for months because of rains.
On this occasion, we should appreciate the efforts and gallantry of those courageous citizens who controlled their mountains and lived on top of them in glory. We appreciate their self-dependence that led them to achieve long-waited desires.
We also invite all others to support these efforts through donations and supports of this project as prices of hiring machines needed for digging the road are very high, especially with high prices of oil extracts.

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