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Regions of Illusion!

Mansour Saleh

Southern Political Analyst
During the national dialogue conference, they said that Sada and the South are two key issues that were solved. Let me say that what happened was a conspiracy against the south and Sada and neighboring territories under Zaidi influence. The south was divided into two regions to permanently get rid of a homeland called the south with its identity and cause.
In the north, all followers of Zaidi colt were all pushed into Azal region, a horizontal line starting from Zemar and passing Sanaa, Amran and ending in Sada this division intentionally denied Azal region all resources including oil, gas and even ports. Al-Gouf, rich with oil, was joined to Saba region along with Mareb, also rich, while Maidi port in Hajja was joined to Tehama region along with Al-Hodeida, overseeing coasts and ports. This means that All-Zaidi followers will have nor access to the sea although Maidi is nearer to Sada than to l-Hodeida and it is logical to be part of it.
All that is left to Zaidi followers are the dense human population of Hashed and Bakeel tribes in addition to denigrated spots of influence of Al-Ahmar tribe, Ali Abdullah Saleh and Al-Houthis to fight on territories that lack riches, water and even fresh air.
Al-Houthis realized the conspiracy and launched a war that brought Sanaa and the whole north to them. the southern people are also realizing the same conspiracy and will fight it whatever the costs are. It is illogical to imagine that Al-Houthis will accept regions that put them under siege while they have ambitions to expand and rule Yemen and even the whole Arab Peninsula with Iranian support. Respectively, the southern people will never accept a division that targets their country and identity while they have expectations to regain glory and get rid of the failure union.
If this is the situation for controlling powers in the north and south, who will support the illusion of the federal state of regions?

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