Al-Dalia Fronts: Southern Troops Draw the Image of Upcoming Southern State

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Reports – Muneer Al-Naqueeb [/su_label][su_spacer][su_dropcap]W[/su_dropcap]ar in Al-Dalia, launched by Al-Houthis and their counterparts of the legitimacy through silence and hidden support, does not target Al-Dalia as a southern governorate. Instead, it targets the symbol of this area that faced the enemy heroically before and defeated them.
Al-Dalia is witnessing fierce battels in Kataba while southern troops are arriving to clash lines, indicating violent clashes with Al-Houthis. Field sources indicated that fierce clashes occurred on Sunday on the west side near Barakh castel, Hajar, Al-Abara and Humar. The eastern area also witnessed clashes in Tallat Zuraie and Tallat Al-Central. Sources also indicated that Meris resistance regained control over one of Al-Zila hills after expelling Al-Houthis from it. Fierce clashes are occurring to control the hill behind Kataba while Al-Houthis are trying to advance to Al-Gumima.
Southern troops opened the public road last Sunday and all obstructed vehicles passed the road. Under commandership of Abu Antar Al-Jahafi, the southern resistance advanced to Hajar Al-Meriah towards Al-Hasha and Humar and destroyed a BMB vehicle belonging to Al-Houthis.
Arab Coalition air forces launched several raids targeting Al-Houthi militias in Kataba and Meris, north of Al-Dalia. Raids killed deputy commander of the fourth zone loyal to Al-Houthis, Raddad Yahia Al-Omari, with tens others in addition to destroying combat vehicle and ammunition truck.
In a non-humane crime, one of Al-Houthi snipers hit and killed an old woman, Zahra Hameed, who was brigning drinking water for her family in Al-Rabet – Al-Azarek. Al-Houthis work on preventing citizens from passing in and out of their villages as a result of their severe defeats in north of Al-Dalia. A non-humane punishment Al-Houthis use against civilians.
Southern resistance indicated that Al-Azarek is impenetrable although Al-Houthis opened two fronts, one in Baher – Torsa while the other, even wider, is in Shawkan – Halhal. Al-Houthis are trying to attack the borderlines of the directorate to relieve pressure over their troops trapped there.
The first brigade Commandos and southern resistance launched a sudden attack on Al-Houthis stationed in some strategic zones of Kataba causing them 35 killings and tens of injuries. The brigade deployed on southern and western exits in addition to minor roads to Kataba to prevent Al-Houthis from regaining control over these areas. The brigade troops continued advance towards Kataba cauciously causing Al-Houthis severe loses.
A group of Al-Houthis sneaked into Al-Abari school last Friday and engaged with troops of the first commandos brigade but they withdrew. One martyr and two injured fell during clashes. Southern troops launched a liberation battel in north of Al-Dalia reaching Ib. the operation is called “Breath-Taking”.
Hany Mashour, a political analyzer, said: “The battel of Al-Dalia is exceeding borders of Yemen and the south. It actually draws the borderlines between the two states but, in addition, it exhausted Iranian efforts to reach Bab Al-Mandeb and sieged the Arab national security against all enemies, even if the Arabs didn’t recognize this major victory in Al-Dalia. UAE expressed bravery and partnership in this war”.
Dr. Aidarous Al-Naqueeb said: “Al-Dalia will never fall and will never fail the south. But dull politicians who failed to understand that the governorate that liberated itself independently with efforts of its citizens, will never understand that this governorate will defeat any enemy no matter its power is. It can never be defeated, in its peak of glory, by a shattered group in it peak of weakness”.
Abdullah Al-Guaidi, a southern poet, launched a fierce attack on the legitimacy and Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen indicating that those bands of terrorists are annoyed that Al-Houthis are being annihilated, even more than Al-Houthis themselves. He added: “You saw their media attack over Al-Dalia and southern heroes”.
Preliminary indicators of war assert that Al-Houthis are mobilizing to advance towards Al-Dalia, seeking revenge of their defeat in 2015 war, especially with the approach of this defeat’s memory on May 25th, when the southern resistance expelled Al-Houthis and Affash militias out of Al-Dalia and taught them a harsh lesson.
In 2015, Al-Dalia was the first southern governorate to achieve victory over northern troops when Al-Dalia exhausted the attack of northern brigades and forced them off the governorate.

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