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Al-Houthis’ Mortar Shells and Land Mines Kill Civilians in Al-Hodeida

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In a historical wave of the most vicious crimes against civilians, Al-Houthi militias exercise brutal assault against the citizens of Al-Hodeida as southern troops approach the governorate.
In Al-Durihami, sources indicated that a young girl was killed with her mother on Sunday morning as a result of a mortar shell launched by Al-Houthis towards civilians’ houses. A close source of the girl’s family indicated that the shell exploded in their house while they were trying to evacuate to Al-Khoukha. Field sources also indicated that Al-Houthis launch random bombards with mortar shells in local residences.
In a similar context, sources indicated that a land mine exploded in a car carrying evacuees who were trying to escape the hill of Al-Houthis in Al-Durihami through heading to Al-Khoukha. The sources indicated that the car was carrying evacuees’ necessary needs and furniture as the blast destroyed that all. Field sources also indicated that Al-Houthi militias implanted land mines on all main roads, farms, pastures and beaches in a vicious way to kill as many civilians as possible.
In Al-Tuhita, Al-Houthi militias concentrated random bombard over civilians. According to media agencies, Al-Houthis launched a violent bombard on Saturday morning that targeted the houses of Al-Tuhita, leading to severe damages to these houses the several killings and injuries among local citizens. Eye witnesses confirmed that Al-Houthis randomly and hysterically bombarded rooves with rockets and mortar shells.
Mad acts of Al-Houthis increase with the progress of the military operation launched by Southern Giants’ Brigades that achieved qualitative victories and controlled several villages and major posts east of Al-Durihami, towards kilometer 16 in Al-Hodeida.

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