Der Spiegel: Brotherhood Control Over Hady will End His Rule and South of Yemen will Restore Independence

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Report – Agencies [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Der Spiegel, a German political magazine, indicated the the situation in Yemen is going towards political solutions according to two stages, the first of which is to stop war while the second is a transitional stage that will end the rule of president Abd Rabu Mansour Hady.
In its report, Der Spiegel indicated that the situation in Yemen is extremely complicated and the Arab Coalition couldn’t deal with it as liberated territories in the south and west turned into hill due to the lack of services and people there are extremely angry because of acts of Hady’s government and the poor performance of Arab Coalition.
Der Spiegel also indicated that the situation in Yemen didn’t settle down since the Union of northern and southern states, especially when this union failed leading the country into a war that ended with northern domination. The report indicated that this particular issue is of major significance in the Yemeni crisis.
The report indicated that three years of war in Yemen had changed all power equations on the ground as the country is divided geographically into two separate regions indicating that the once existing state of south Yemen will restore independence.
Der Spiegel stated two particular reasons for failure of political solution. These are the intolerance of Al-Houthi sectarian militias supported by Iran and the control of Reform party, the political arm of Muslim Brotherhood, over critical power positions and decision-making process in the legitimacy government. The report indicated that Muslim Brotherhood, international known as terrorism supporting group, complicated the situation in Yemen and halted all possible political solutions and this situation should be solved so that the situation in Yemen is not to be even worse.
The report concluded that practical efforts of UN envoy to Yemen represent a new future for a political solution that will end Hady’s authority through political settlements and in return of decreasing Al-Houthis’ influence.
The report indicated that war reintroduced a new generation of lord of war who illegally gain profit as the legitimacy of Yemeni president receives generous monetary support from Gulf states, or the so-called Arab Coalition, while Al-Houthis receive support from Iran and Muslim Brotherhood receive their support from two parties; the Arab Coalition and Qatar, as the brotherhood divided its members to play two different roles, one to serve Saudi Arabia and the other is to serve Qatar and Turkey.

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