In response to STC’s call, thousands gather in Mukalla to condemn the policy of impoverishment and starvation and to reject Yemeni parliament on lands of South


Thousands of people from the different districts of coast Hadramout gathered on Saturday, in Freedom Square in the old city of Mukalla, in response to the call made by the local leadership of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) in Hadramout governorate, to denounce the policy of impoverishment and starvation, and the continued deterioration of the economic collapse, and to reject the attempts of legitimization of the Yemeni Parliament on the land of Hadramout.

In his speech, Colonel Saeed Ahmed Saeed al-Mohammadi, head of the executive body of the local leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in Hadramout governorate, saluted the relatives of the martyrs of the southern revolution, whose presence the event platform.

In his speech to the crowd, al-Mohammadi stressed that no force will be able to stand against the will and determination of the people of the South, regardless of the pressures and oppressive practices, or their fight against the sources of their daily livelihood and strength.

The Head of Transitional council Executive in Hadramout praised the sons of Hadramout for this steadfastness, alignment, and unity around their central cause, for which the martyrs sacrificed their lives, calling for proceeding with this spirit and with this unity to complete the achievement of the great and noble goals of our southern people in general and the sons of Hadramout in particular.

Al-Mohammadi pointed out that the current stage requires from all the people of Hadramout, more solidarity and synergy, so that they can control the wealth of their homeland, and benefit from its revenues in obtaining the necessary services, decent life, and enjoy security and stability, by enabling the Hadrami Elite Forces to control all parts of Hadramout.

A speech was also delivered at the event, for the families of the martyrs, by Mohsen Ali Al-Wahiri, brother of the martyr Afif Al-Wahiri, in which he expressed his thanks to the people of Hadramout and to the leadership of the Transitional Council in the governorate, for their loyalty to the blood of the martyrs, and for continuing to walk on the principles of freedom and dignity for which they sacrificed their lives.

The event also included reciting a number of popular poetry by poets: Saeed Omar Bajaj, Nabil Bakir, Fadl Saeed Bafazal, and Saeed Al-Awbthani, during which they expressed their rejection of the visit of the Speaker of the Yemeni Parliament, and also addressed the state of high prices and the hardships of life experienced by citizens.

The event, which witnessed a remarkable female presence, concluded with the reading of the closing statement, by Omar Hamdoun, Director of the Political Department of the Executive Body of the Local Leadership Council in the governorate, in which he condemned corruption and looting of Hadramout oil revenues.

The statement announced Hadramout rejection of the last dose of increasing prices that affected oil derivatives, and was limited to the coastal areas, in a strange and incomprehensible paradox, since the coast is the one that imports derivatives and distributes them to all Hadramout regions, stressing that the citizens of the governorate will no longer remain silent about injustice and unfairness, and they will seize their rights to usurp their rights with their solidarity and cohesion.

The statement touched on provocations to the feelings of our people, by trying to settle its illegal institutions in Hadramout, stressing the rejection of that by the local leadership of the Council in Hadramout, and the people of Hadramout in general, including their rejection to take Seiyun as the seat of the Yemeni Parliament, and their refusal to the visit of its chairman in Mukalla.

The statement demanded the departure of the forces of the First Military Region from the valley of Hadramout, and enabling the Hadrami elite to establish security in the valley.

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