Reform Party Between Overt Support and Covert Hatred of the Arab Coalition

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Report – Exclusive [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Reform Party Attacks the Coalition and Demands the International Society to Expel it from Yemen
Yemeni Reform Party asserted that the Arab Coalition has come to destroy and occupy Yemen. While the Arab Coalition, Southern Resistance, Tehama Resistance and national army are fighting fiercely in the north, especially in the west coast, Suada ans Al-Makha, achieving victories and controlling vast areas, political leaders close to decision makers in the Yemeni Reform party, the political arm of Muslim Brotherhood, launch fierce media campaigns against the coalition. Khaled Al-Onsy, through Al-Jazeera, accused the Arab Coalition of Destroying and Occupying Yemen and demanded the international society to expel the coalition out of Yemen.
Reform Party … The Bomb in the Face of the Arab Coalition
It is well-known that the party recently launched an agitating media campaign against the Arab Coalition as influential figures in the party accused the Arab Coalition with crimes against humanity. The party filed reports to international organizations leading Amnesty International to say that the coalition committed military mistakes and targeted civilians. The party also filed reports about so-called secret prisons and crimes against humanity and finally about violating Yemeni Sovereignty.
Expatriates crisis
The party also used the suffering of more than 2 million Yemeni expatriates to agitate Yemeni street against Saudi Arabia claiming that there is a war against any Yemeni in Saudi Arabia, according to Noble Prize Holder and activist, Tawakol Karman and other activists of the party residing in Turkey and UK. They claimed this war under the slogan of “Save Yemeni Expatriates”. They claimed that Yemenis are in humanitarian crisis because of some acts of Sovereignty by Saudi Arabia. The party used this to agitate the street in harmony with Al-Houthis’ campaign who also used the same crisis. It is noteworthy that more than 2 million Yemenis, who support more than 16 million others inside, lost their interests. This may have very serious consequences in the future. The reform party through one of its Sheikhs, “Satar”, an expatriate supporter of Al-Houthis, was the first to accuse Saudi Arabia with such things.
Sovereignty and Socotra
The party agitates the Yemeni and International powers against the Emirati existence in Socotra asserting that UAE seeks to occupy and control the island. Media machine of the party and its loyal organizations launched a fierce war against UAE in specific and falsified reports, files numbers in addition to organizing demonstration in European countries.
Accusations to Saudi Arabia about Separating Al-Mehra from Yemen
Recently, the party is very active in this direction through accusing Saudi Arabia with seeking to occupy Al-Mehra. This could barely explode the situation as some efforts were exerted to organize demonstrations in this governorate that is very close to Oman.
Media Power and Coordination with Al-Houthis
Evidences indicate that media campaigns against Arab Coalition countries are financed by Qatar, Iran and other countries. The Reform party managed to create a mighty media machine using Qatari and Iranian capabilities. This machine basically targets the Arab Coalition through publishing reports that criminalize its acts. Several websites, with southern northern and even Arab identifiers, represent the media machine of the Reform Party in coordination with Al-Houthis as their interests are now correlated in Yemen against the Arab Existence.
Nashwan Hussain, a journalist, confirmed this fact to SMA News indicating the existence of a media center funded by Qatar in coordination with Iran that targets the Arab Coalition through filing reports that criminalize its acts. Hussain added that new media websites broadcasting from Egypt and other countries have the same hostile language against the Arab Coalition with the same anti-coalition terms and slogans. This media center plays a major role in the agitation campaign.
Reform Party … One Foot in the Coalition and the Other is Out!!
In a cunning way, the party managed to play with two separate cards. The first is political and represented in the Muslim Brotherhood, loyal to Qatar while the other is on the ground as it controls the legitimacy and its military decisions inside.

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