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Schools of Aden Start the New Year with the Southern Flag and National Anthem



[su_dropcap]A[/su_dropcap]fter victory achieved by southern armed forces, and according to directives of president Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, schools of Aden started the new academic year of 2019 – 2020 with rising the southern flags and singing the southern national anthem as a start for the school day.
Before this start, Aden went through difficult days of military confrontations caused by terrorist powers but exhausted by the southern armed forces. The real challenge was to normalize life in Aden and returning students to their schools at the beginning of the school year.
As part of its responsibilities, local leadership of Aden and all its directorates met directors of educational departments to see for the readiness of schools to the new school year in addition to spreading patriotic spirit among students through rising southern flags over schools in addition to singing the southern national anthem.
Members of local leaderships in Aden, coordinated field visits to schools with syndicate of southern teachers and educators to receive students at the first day of school.
Professor Abd Al-Nasser Al-Wali, chairman of Aden local; leadership, and Dr. Mohamed Abd Al-Raqueeb, director of Aden Educational Department, started these visits with Ba Zara’a school in Kriter. Then, members of local leaderships in Aden directorates arranged similar visits where southern flags rose over schools and students sang the southern national anthem at the beginning of the first day of school.
Al-Mansoura and Al-Tawahi were first to start this initiative in all schools. In addition, Al-Mualla and Sira did the same and paid daily visits to schools.
Furthermore, schools of Khour Maxar and Dar Saad were visited by local leaderships and then came Sheikh Othman and Al-Berika. By that, most schools of Aden rose the southern flags over their buildings and started the first day of school with the national anthem.
Students in all schools interacted actively to the initiative and school teachers, school administrations and parents of students welcomed the initiative warmly.

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