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Six Killings and 700 Violations During the First Month of Controlling Shabwa By Muslim Brotherhood

[su_dropcap]I[/su_dropcap]n one month after Shabwa was controlled by Muslim Brotherhood Militias, more than 700 violations of human rights were documented. The following is a small list documenting some of these violations:
• 6 out-of-law killings for civilians, excluding the killings and injuries of Shabwa Elites and southern resistance in combat.
• 107 robberies of military posts of Shabwa Elites, governmental facilities, houses and other private properties.
• 75 cases of arresting activists and citizens
• 23 arrested activists are under torture and banned from communicating with their families.
• Arresting 13 soldiers of the second brigade were arrested as they declared their rejection of Muslim Brotherhood militias coming from Mareb.
• Suspending salaries of tens of soldiers of the second brigade as they declared their rejection of Muslim Brotherhood militias coming from Mareb.
• Two cases of forceful disappearance for two brothers in Radoum who were kidnapped by Muslim Brotherhood militias.
• Local authorities prepared a list of 24 media men accusing them of provoking to kill army and security soldiers.
• Another black list was prepared for tens of civilian and military activists who are against Al-Eslah party and are now threatened by arrest or assassination.
• A try to kill a citizen who rose the southern flag in Ataq and arresting another citizen in Azzan for the same reason.
• Dismissing tens of civilian and military personnel from their offices as they are against Muslim Brotherhood
• Using civilian travelers as human armors to avoid the resistance ambushes and in most cases their lives are endangered.
• Random bombard over civilian houses in Goul Lahmar in Maeen Ba Mabed – Radoum.
• Tens of provocative acts against civilians in checkpoints.
• Shredding pictures of martyrs of Shabwa Elites and the southern resistance and firing on them.
• Demolishing camps of Shabwa Elites in Maifa’a

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