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Southern Armed Forces Achieve New Victories in Al-Dhala’a

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Reports – Foad Gebary[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″][su_dropcap]L[/su_dropcap]ast week was full of victories for the southern armed forces and defeats for Al-Houthi militias in Kataba and Hajar, west and north west of Al-Dhala’a.
In Toursa – Al-Azarek, south westr of Al-Dhala’a, after controlling Dar Sulif, southern troops managed to break into Gebel Al-Farasha in the middle of Baher – Mawia on Tuesday June 25th, 2019. This strategic mountain oversees Baher leading the southern troops to advance to Al-Masane’a and Al-Asas in addition to putting other important posts under fire control.
To the north, the southern resistance launched a counterattack last Friday and controlled Al-Karameed and Al-Tebab Al-Soud, overseeing Human, Sulaim and Hubail Al-Kalb, east of Al-Fakher.
In Hajar – Al-Raibi, Hubail Al-Zaba – east of Baga and Al-Sharifa and Al-Kafla – south of Baga, intermittent clashes occurred between the southern resistance and Al-Houthi militias reaching Hubail Al-Farkh and Al-Mashareeh – north west of Hajar. Brave fighters of lower Hajar are still in their posts blocking repeated attacks of Al-Houthis and causing them massive loses in spite of lack of capabilities.
From time to time, missiles and artillery units of the southern resistance launched several attacks over Al-Houthi stations on the western edges of Al-Zubairiat and Oaish, south west of Kataba. Last Friday, armory unit of the Giants Brigades targeted two vehicles of Al-Houthis at the western edge of Al-Zubairiat with guided missiles. one of the vehicles was carrying militants near a fuel station while the other was carrying a B10 and heading to another station. Both vehicles were destroyed.
According to field source of the Southern Transitional Council, on Thursday June 27th, 2019, the Arab Coalition Air Forces launched an air raid over an ammunition store in Azab in the middle of Al-Oud – north of Kataba and destroyed it.
A second air raid was launched on Saturday June 28th, 2019, targeting a tank of Al-Houthis to the east of Oaish in Kataba. According to southern resistance sources, the tank was destroyed.
As usual, during the past week, Al-Houthis tried to recover the posts they are losing on a daily basis but they only get more loses. Southern resistance in Al-Zubairiat blocked three attacks of Al-Houthis last week the first of which was on Sunday while the second, and most invasive, was last Tuesday when the militias tried to attack on three axes (north, middle and south west of Al-Zubairiat) simultaneously under heavy fire coverage but the southern resistance blocked the attack forcing the militias to withdraw amid severe loses in soles and equipment.
The third attack was last Friday in the middle of Al-Zubairia, east of Al-Fakher where the southern resistance managed to defeat Al-Houthis who suffered several killings and injuries in addition to destroying several vehicles.
Refugees’ crisis reached its climax. SMA News met the family of Abdullah Mosaad Al-Naqueeb whose members forced by Al-Houthis to leave their home in Lakmat Al-Douki after continuous bombard over the villages and houses of civilians in Hajar. The family refuged to a school, only a few meters away from several offices of organizations working in the governorate. The suffering of this family summarizes several other families who suffer from severe lack in foods, shelter and medication for the chronic disease of the father and son. Abdullah could not provide his family with necessary essentials of life support in addition to being forced to live their homes.
Al-Houthis continued their violations against civilians, including random bombard, sniping activities and blocking main roads. On Monday June 24th, the public road linking Kataba with Eb was blocked and all vehicles and individuals travelling on it were denied access till this moment. This road is the main road for transporting goods and travelers between Aden and Sanaa. Blocking this road puts the interests and lives of people under massive risks.
On Wednesday June 26th, Al-Houthis bombarded Ghoul Al-Dima, north of Meris – Kataba, with mortar shells leading to the injury of four children severely. The four children, Ziad, Abd Al-Rahman and Salah Riad Nagy Mushanna and their relative Maeen Naif Kassem, were heading to one vally when the shell fell near them. Ziad sustained the most serious injury with his right fist cut off in addition to shred in his head and leg while Maeen sustained deep bone fractures and wounds all over his body.
On Thursday, Al-Houthis launched a Katjusha rocket from Al-Zamari, east of Al-Fakher, towards Al=Dhala’a. the rocket hit a civilian house in Nesham ally cause severe damages to the house without causalities.
On Friday noon, two shepherds, a woman, Alia Abdullah Muthanna Saleh Al-Shouki (40 years) and a child, Najm El-Din Nagy Muthanna Ramima (10 years) were leading their cattle to pasture in Wadi Kaba’I, north of Lakmat Al-Douki when one of Al-Houthi snipers hit the woman in her hand and the child in his belly. They were transferred to Al-Nasr Public Hospital. The woman’s injury was diagnosed as moderate while the child was diagnosed as severely injured.
It is noteworthy that Al-Houthis purposefully target civilian houses and villages in north of Al-Dhala’a with random bombard on a daily basis especially in Hajar, Kataba and Meris, north of Al-Dhala’a causing several victims, mostly women and children.

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