Southern Transitional Council exposes legitimacy of Brotherhood in front of international community


International observers of the Yemeni affairs said that the leadership of the Southern Transitional Council, led by the President of the council, President Aidarous Qassem Al-Zubaidi, has won at the international diplomatic level and has achieved advanced steps to prove its presence and acceptance by the international community and the pivotal countries, which saw the entity of the Southern Transitional Council as an active partner and friend of the plans and perceptions of the international community, in a way that enhances international interests in the region, as the international community cannot allow Iranian interference and greed through the Houthi coup militia to tamper in Yemen.

The diplomacy of the Transitional Council and its negotiating leadership in international forums surrounded the legitimacy of the Brotherhood and exposed its crimes and corruption to the international community. The leadership of the Council was able to notify the Arab coalition and friendly countries about the fate of the situation in the South as a result of collapses in various fields as a result of the crimes of legitimacy, which observers of the Yemeni issue considered a victory for the Council in international forums.

It also clarified the indulgence of the Brotherhood’s legitimacy, which led to the fall of many liberated areas in the grip of the Houthi coup militias supported by the Iranian regime, which is besieged by the international community as one of the terrorist regimes involved in destabilizing the security and stability of a number of countries in the region and undermining international peace efforts.

All these steps taken by the Council, especially at the diplomatic level, prompted the new UN envoy, Grundberg to stress the need for the southern issue to be present in any political solution according to the goals of the people of the south and the vision of the Southern Transitional Council, as being authorized by the people of the South.

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