The Arab South … Target of Yemeni Greed

SMA News – Reports – Mohammed Aqabi

[su_dropcap]F[/su_dropcap]acts of past and present confirm that diplomatic and general policies of the Arab Republic of Yemen always target this precious hunt represented in the fortunes of the south. The Arab South is poor only because geography forced the existence of this greedy and vicious enemy at its gates. But for this, the south could be one of the most powerful economies in the world with all its vast resources, capabilities and potentials. With this massive reserve of oil and other natural resources, the south needs only to avoid conflicts among its citizens and to stick to its lands in addition to demanding the international society to recognize its fair cause and to guarantee its right of self-determination and restoring its state.
In spit of current challenges, the near future is for the south. For example, Aden sea port is a strategic port for international trade. Al that is needed it to send the port into competition with full transparency. Many countries are willing to invest in this strategic port with expected revenues of at least 75 billion US Dollars annually in addition to creating millions of job opportunities for youth willing to work in that field.
Lands and ports of the south are in the range of the Silk Road, a naval and ground passage that links China to Europe passing the ports of Aden, Al-Berika, Ras Omran, Bab Al-Mandeb, Shakra, Balhaf, Beer Ali Al-Makla and Al-Ghaiza. These ports are located on the naval passages of the Arab Sea, Indian Ocean and Red Sea. They are even considered better than its counterparts in neighboring countries including Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Djibouti and the African Horn. If used efficiently, these ports may become the biggest transit stations with annual revenues exceeding 80 billion US Dollars, only for transit services, not mentioning transformational industries, free trade and reexporting oil and other material.
In the south also, is the precious jewel of Socotra Natural Reserve. This southern island is not yet well-used in transit ports, trade, marine resources, land resources, tourism, agriculture, international air ports. After being improved by investors, southern ports along the Arab Sea may become the biggest transit station similar to those of India and eastern Asia that may serve mega cargo ships and plane carriers from all over the world with annual revenues of at least 100 billion US dollars and millions of new jobs.
Yet, we didn’t mention massive resources of oil and other minerals, marine resources, agriculture and industry. Investments in these field will provide the national treasury of the southern state with billions of dollars. International investments in Al-Nour City at Bab Al-Mandeb, Ras Omran and Al-Berika in addition to the bridge between Aden and Djibouti will facilitate mega projects and international trade between the south and African Horn countries. Bab Al-Mandeb, the straits that the whole world wants to guarantee a naval point for exporting oil will bring up billions of dollars if we agreed with our Arab brothers on extending the oil pipe line for exporting oil of the Gulf states and Saudi Arabia through the Arab Sea via Hadhramaut and away from the Iranian threats in Hurmuz straits. According to similar agreements like India and Pakistan with Turkey, Russia with EU, and Iraq with Syria, the share of the south will be half of transportation fees from the oil port to the end of the pipe. This will bring nearly 200 billion dollars.
The south, considered poor in the eyes of some parties, is very rich in oil reserves in Hadhramaut and Shabwa in addition to Aden, Lahj, Abian Al-Mehra and Socotra. These reserves are even bigger than the reserves of several countries. In addition, Hadhramaut, Lahj and Abian are rich in gold with relatively shallow mine compared with other gold mines.
Furthermore, Hadhramaut plateau contains the biggest water reservoir in the Arab Peninsula with trillions of cubic meters of water that can be used in agriculture to make the south the food basket of the Arab World. With long coasts overseeing open sea, the south has marvelous fisheries withy high quality and high price marine life.
This geographic position amid international trade lines adds more value to the south. So, when will the southern realize their importance? And when will the world realize that the south is the main target of northern greed. Today more than ever, the south needs the lineup of its sons and to forget about the unfortunate past and go into the future under highly experienced and well-qualified leadership that can overcome any conflicts and lead the southern people to live freely with dignity in its independent state.

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