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The Fall of Al-Houthis Between Kataba and Al-Fakher

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Reports[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″][su_dropcap]O[/su_dropcap]n Friday May 24th, 2019 southern armed forces advanced towards the strategic city of Al-Fakher, north west of Yemeni Kataba, administratively adjoined to Al-Dalia of the south, along with clear and control operations over tens of posts and hills to the north and north west of the governorate.
A few hours after the liberation operation, the southern armed forces swept Al-Houthis at dawn of Friday May 24th 2019 and assumed control over strategic posts in Shakhab, north of Al-Daliam Rekab Shakhab and Kahwash. The troops are concentrating efforts towards Al-Fakher, the strategic city.
Another firm attack from several directions, after securing Gebel Samea, Bab Ghalak and Hajar, led to full control over Bab Ghalak, Hajar and Shelil as a step towards controlling Al-Fakher and expelling Al-Houthis from a strategic urban city.
Southern armed forces, packed with the first commandos battalion, sieged Al-Houthis in Al-Fakher from three directions, sweeping the remains of the militias all over the way under fierce fire from the southern troops penetrating to the north and north west.
Field sources indicated that Al-Houthis, stationed in several places in the parameter, are under suffocating siege while other groups of Al-Houthis ran to the northern borders of Al-Dalia and Eb.
After liberating Kataba last Friday, Al-Houthis are falling in Hajar, Hazab, Humar, Humar Al-Sada, Humar Abu Hadal, Humar Al-Shaab, Kardah, Shakhab, Al-Karanaa, Al-Kafla, Rekab Shakhab, Shakhab Al-Kafla to Hajar, Baba Ghalak then Al-Fakher and after that comes Al-Oud. All these victories are achieved in one week.
Field sources asserted that tens of Al-Houthis were captured as captives while tens others were killed and their dead bodies are scattered on roads, hills and behind barracks.

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