Transitional Council Executive in Al-Dhalea organizes political symposium within the memorial activities of martyr Yahya Al-Shobaji.

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The local leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in Al-Dhalea governorate organized on Wednesday, a political symposium under the slogan “The Eminence of the End and the Greatness of the Way.” The research papers were divided into three main axes; Political, social and resistance, which came as part of the memorial activities for the martyr Yahya Al-Shobaji, which was moderated by Mr. Salah Hariri.

In their papers, the researchers discussed the merits and exploits of the martyr that he wrote during his life. The first paper was presented by Dr. Abdo Al-Maatari, in which he dealt with a narration of the events and positions that brought him together with the martyr and his companions, and related to political and organizational roles, which has the title “Political Line and Intellectual Approach.” for the martyr.”

The other paper was presented by Mr. Ahmed Harmal, which was entitled “The Martyr Al-Shobaji as a Social Reformer”, followed by another paper in the same context presented by Mr. Saleh Abdullah, in which they mentioned the martyr’s positions related to social roles and how the martyr was a social front that was more complex on his hand, and his role in solving issues and problems that were occurring among the general public in many areas.

In the axis of resistance, two papers were presented, the first presented by Brigadier General Abdullah Mahdi Saeed, head of the Transitional Council, head of joint operations of Al-Dhalea fronts, under the title “Martyr Al-Shobaji, the legend of struggle and sacrifice,” and the other presented by Fouad Qaid Jabbari, the official spokesman for Al-Dhalea fronts, entitled “The Martyr Commander Yahya Al-Shobaji: The Marvel of Sacrifice and the Greatness of Sacrifice.” Endurance.” Both papers mentioned the heroic roles related to resistance and hostilities, which the martyr played throughout his life path, and how the martyr was a resistance man and a military leader in addition to his other social, political, organizational and other activities.

There was a fourth paper entitled “Illuminations in the Life of the Martyr” presented by Mr. Ali Shaif Ahmed, in which he talked about the roles of the martyr in general and how the martyr was a man with multiple characteristics, almost alone, that made him accepted among the public in various aspects Political, social, military, cultural and others, Al-Shobaji family has become a unique school and an exceptional case in sacrifice and redemption for the sake of the homeland.

When the papers were submitted, the discussion was opened to the participants of the attendees for discussion in order to enrich the symposium. A number of interventions were made by the attendees, the most prominent of which was an intervention by Dr. Hussein Al-Aqel, Major General Saif Ali Saleh Al-Baqari, Brigadier General Naji Abbas and Dr. Ali Ahmed Al-Mahrabi, Major Muhammad Saleh Issa, Mr. Tawfiq Al-Aqel, the fighter Mohsen Al-Dabai and others. These interventions influenced the symposium and praised the papers presented by the researchers as well as the organizing committee with some additions and positive criticisms. The symposium came out with a set of recommendations, the most important of which are:

It is necessary for the leadership of the Transitional Council of giving special care to the family of the martyr Al-Shobaji, as well as all the families of the martyrs of the south who fell in the arenas of honor in defense of the beloved land of the south.

The leadership of the Transitional Council should take care of the sons of the martyr Al-Shobaji, rehabilitate them scientifically and in leadership, and give them the positions they deserve.

Compensation for the family of the martyr Yahya Al-Shobaji and his sons, the martyrs, a house in Aden instead of their house, which was burned and destroyed by the Houthi militias, in a manner befitting this resistance family

Renaming the government facilities with their previous names before the unity, with naming the new facilities after the names of the martyrs of the Southern Revolution, suggesting that an important government facility be chosen and named after the martyr Yahya Al-Shobaji.

Printing the research papers presented at the symposium and including them in the martyr’s book, which is being prepared for this period.

Assigning a specialized researcher to write a historical book in which recounts the history and heroisms of the sons of Al-Dhalea, and deals more with the life path of the martyr Al-Shobaji and his sons.

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