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Uprising or Revolution of the Hungry? Al-Berika Starts and other Directorates Follow

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Report – Radfan Omar [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Angry crowds of citizens headed to Mudrem Street at Al-Mualla and to Kriter protesting against corruption and corrupt people. They are protesting against unprecedent high prices that disrupted the lives of the poor. Angry crowds gathered via social media and decided to rise against the tyranny and corruption of Maasheek state with screams announcing a revolution that is more like a revolution of the hungry.
Demonstrations of Al-Mualla and Kriter are real expressions of years of of suffering to the degree of humiliating Adani citizens for their basic needs of life.
Boycott as a Start
Yasser Al-Kadah said: when our live became even more difficult because of prices madness of basic food supplies and fuel, some youth, including me, and citizens called for boycott to some basic goods like eggs and beef. After that we turned into peaceful protests in the main street of Al-Mualla. Although crowds were not relatively big but it was effective in continuing demonstrations under several slogans that carry the goals of revolution of the hungry in Aden.
An Auth for a Better Tomorrow
Osama Manea, a citizen of Al-Mualla, said: big fire starts as a small spark. We took an auth that we will burn the faces of corrupt with our fire. We have no political trends and we don’t follow anyone, but we hate unjust and humiliation. We are not in hurry for achieving our goals as we know it will come true God wills.
Pulse of the People
Osama added: we came out to the streets and when we raised our slogans resenting high prices, poor services and deterioration of currency many other citizens came to participate with us. Car drivers didn’t ignore us. Instead, they stopped their cars to support us. Even children interacted with us.
He asserted that: we will never leave sons of Al-Berika alone while they are claiming our rights. We didn’t know that citizens of Kriter arranged similar demonstrations in solidarity with Al-Berika. This is just the beginning and we will continue till we achieve a dignified life or honorable death.
Voices of poor citizens who are crushed under this failure government started to be heard in every neighborhood, district, street and city in Aden. Last night, Aden looked as if waiting a revolution of the hungry led by the hungry themselves.
Galal Al-Haidari, an angry protester of Aden, said: “We will start our first stand in front of Aden hospital at 4:00 pm, in solidarity with the stands of our brothers in Al-Mualla. We need to exert pressure over decision makers to find urgent solutions for crises of Aden including poor services, security loose and high prices of fuel and food. There are no political entities behind these protests and no slogans will be raised except for the demands of ratifying the current situation in Aden”. He called for all sectors of Aden community to mobilize and all media agencies to cover the events.
Many questions are imposed bt Adani citizens about the size of corruption and the importance to stand against it. Azal Abbas said: “It is illogical and unacceptable that after two revolutions and a resistance for change and corruption is still increasing taking several forms and twisted ways. People are suffering of lack of salaries and high prices of foods and fuel. Now they are eating from garbage while public money is robbed even more than it was under the regimen of Affash”.
A revolution Till Victory
Free citizens of Aden assert their refusal of failure policies based on humiliation of Aden, the capital of the free Arab South. Protesters in most cities of Aden indicated that protests will continue for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and the day after, till the mighty revolution of the hungry is formed to ousted this unjust and restore the Arab South as a homeland.

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