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Residents in the capital #Aden complain about high prices of basic food

Smanews / Aden / Abdul-Raqeeb Al-Sanidi
Residents of the capital, Aden, complained about the excessive rise in prices of basic foodstuffs as – flour – rice – sugar – and oil during the past week.

The people appealed the authorities to consider and monitor the increase in food prices by manipulative merchants in light of the decline and stagnation of the global markets movement and the low level of the global stock market.

In their appeal, the people demanded the leadership of the Southern Transitional Council and the countries of the Arab coalition to provide the main commodities to citizens in light of the legitimate government’s ignorance of subsidizing foodstuffs and providing citizens ’requirements, and living conditions.

This increase in the prices of the main foodstuffs by the traders comes in light of fears of the world and the citizens in our country from the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic, coinciding with the closing of shops and markets, which increases the citizen’s fear of increasing the prices of important foodstuffs without accountability or supervision.

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