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Secrets of Abian Explosions: The Return of Terrorist Groups

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For years, Abian was the scene for war and creating terrorist group. The governorate lives amid bloody conflicts that kill innocent citizens who became a political toy for political powers, parties and even countries who claim fighting terrorism while they are, in fact, supporting terrorist groups, especially Al-Qaeda that still exists in middle parts of Abian.
In 2019, the start was on January 6th with the terrorist attack on an inspection barrack in Al-Quoz – Modia. Fierce armed clashes broke between the security belt troops and terrorists after an explosion heard in far areas in Modia and led to the killing of one soldier, Salah Al-Yafai, and the injury of another, Younes Al-Memari.
Last Tuesday, a land mine exploded in Al-Mahfed at 8:00 pm. According to local sources, the mine targeted a military set of the security belt troops. The explosion killed three soldiers and injured another three in addition to the injury of at least 8 civilians who were in van passing accidently. The injured were transferred to Aden for medical care. The explosion injured Essa Salem al-Zalak, Mohamed Mahdi Gouil, Awad Ali Lawash, Mohamed Azzan Yaslam, Mihamed Khaled Shamlaq and Awad Mohamed Mudrem. It is noteworthy that Al-Mahfed witnessed several explosions targeting the security belt troops that killed and injured tens of citizens.
Ali Awad Al-Mehwari, commander of SWAT Teams, escaped an assassination attempt with an explosive package implanted by unknown terrorists on the road. The package exploded while Al-Mahwari’s convoy was passing between Al-Ain and Al-Khudira. Two of Al-Mehwari’s accompaniments were injured.
On Tuesday January 8th, 2019, Security Belt troops of the Coast axis in Abian found 1000 anti-infantry land mines in Alj, 9 km away from Khabar Al-Maraksha. Mohamed Ali Mamas, commander of the coast axis indicated that months of communication with Abd Al-Latif Al-Sayed, commander of the security belt troops led to the success of this operation. He indicated that the troops got valuable information that Al-Qaeda terrorist regularly visit some places in Alj and Al-Muroun in Khabar Al-Maraksha. This led the troops to launch this operation and inspect the area for two days where they found warehouses containing weapons, explosives, rockets and RPGs in Wadi Mogan. Mamas asserted that this area included camps of Al-Qaeda since 2011 as they established a permanent camp with tunnels and warehouses there. He added that the troops found 1000 anti-infantry land mines that can be used to hinder the security campaigns of the security belt in Abian. He also warned against expected activity of Al-Qaeda during the upcoming days. Mamas thanked commandership of the Arab Coalition for their logistic and spiritual support in pursuing these terrorist groups. He also demanded the commandership of the security belt in Abian to provide the troops with necessary equipment to achieve a decisive victory over these terrorist groups. He also demanded a field scanning for the area including the valley and mountain. It is noteworthy that the security belt troops control nearly 90 square kilometers of the coast, main land and mountain.
On Wednesday January 9th, 2019, brigadier Abd Al-Latif Al-Sayed, commander of Security Belt Troops in Abian, visited the central zone camp at Gebel Kaad – Al-Ain. Al-Sayed, accompanied by colonel Ali Al-Mehwari, visited the camp facilities and asserted the importance of finishing the buildings quickly. He also discussed all difficulties that face the troops during their tasks and promised to eliminate them. he also asserted that terrorism will be eliminated soon from Abian.
Captain Mukbel Muhallab, Commander of Operations of the Security Belt in Modia sector – Abian, indicated that the last terrorist attack at Al-Quoz was targeting the house of a security belt commander of the same sector but the heroic role of the security belt soldiers exhausted the attack and prevented terrorists from advancing to their target. Muhallab indicated that terrorists used light and medium range weapons in addition to mortar shells for coverage as they launched a dual attack, one from the direction of Al-Dkhelia post, near the security belt commander’s house while the other was from the direction of Al-Quoz crossing. He also asserted that the commander of terrorists was killed while four others were injured before the rest of terrorists managed to escape. Furthermore, Muhallab asserted that the Security Belt troops in Modia sector are inspecting the whole sector searching for terrorists and their escape place in a massive security operation. He also paid condolences to the families of the two martyrs, Al-Yafai and Al-Ammari, asserting that the troops promise to keep on their own path till full victory is achieved and Abian soil is clear of terrorists. He also threatened terrorists that they will pay for what they did and doing in Abian.
On January 8th, 2019, commandership of the security belt in Abian addressed Al-Hasana tribe demanding the cooperation of all citizens in Modia villages with the security belt to prevent Al-Qaeda terrorists who pass from Al-Baida and Mareb to Modia. The following is the statement of the security belt:
Dear brothers of Al-Hasana tribe: We are calling the spirit of courage and noble blood in you. Will be satisfied with the killing of your sons and brothers in Al-Quoz, Kara and Kulita by criminals and terrorists of Al-Baida and Mareb? Will you allow them to escape through your lands after committing such crimes as if those who were killed were not of you?
We are calling you, your honor and your love to this land to assume an honorable position. Your brothers in these villages are reminding you that you will be attacked tomorrow as they were attacked today. We demand you to fight those terrorists or at least prevent them from using your lands to escape. We are confident that you will lineup with your brothers in Modia and you will prevent those terrorists coming from the north.
On Tuesday January 15th, 2019, fierce clashes and armed engagements occurred between the security belt troops and terrorists in Modia – Abian. The security belt launched a massive campaign over Omiran where Al-Qaeda terrorists are nesting and clashes are still occurring there.

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