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Security belt forces in Aden oversee implementation of curfew in the capital districts

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The security belt forces in the capital Aden supervised the implementation of the decision of curfew of citizens in accordance with the directives of the supreme commander of the southern armed forces, President Aidaroos Qassem Al-Zubaidi, and the Backup and Support Command represented by Brigadier Mohsen al-Wali as part of the precautionary measures for the outbreak of the Corona virus (Covid 19).

The moral guidance of the security belt forces in Aden the capital, Ragheed Adnan, said: “According to the decision of President Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi and to circulate the Backup and support leaderships and the security belt in Aden, all sectors and security points affiliated with it have been directed to implement the decision of the curfew of citizens from ten at night until six in the morning.

Ragheed indicated that all sectors affiliated with the belt have started implementing the curfew procedures and final notices for those who have not reached the urban circular and applying this in all districts, while preparing for security patrols in coordination with all other security units tasked with following up the ban’s progress in the streets and neighborhoods of the capital.

The moral guidance official in the security belt in Aden added that the security campaigns to close the gathering areas from shopping malls, Qat markets and event halls will continue in the coming days and for the next two weeks.

The security belt forces in the capital, Aden, have supervised the process of closing commercial complexes, wedding halls, events locations and Qat markets during intensive campaigns over the past days.

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