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Security Belt of Abian Seizes a Drug Cargo Heading to Aden

SMA News – Abian – Exclusive

Soldiers of Central Point of Dofes seized a massive Hashish cargo heading from Al-Mehra to Aden on January 16th, 2019. Mahmoud Al-Keldi, commander of Dofes point, arrested two persons on a micro-bus heading from Al-Mehra to Aden with a massive cargo of Hashish. Al-Keldi added: “Inspecting the bus, soldiers found 165 kgs of Hashish in plastic bags, carefully hidden in the bus. The bags were tagged by “Smile”. This time drugs were hidden in a different way but soldiers managed to find them”. he also indicated that the two persons were sent to concerned security bodies for interrogation. Al-Keldi asserted that Dofes point never become resilient with criminal elements who try to smuggle drugs into Aden to disturb the security and stability of the capital. He also indicated that some persons communicated with the point commandership trying to bribe them for releasing the cargo but their offers were denied. It is noteworthy that Dofes point exhausted several smuggling operations recently including weapons, ammunition and drugs in addition to arresting several criminals, killers and terrorists.

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