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Security Belt of Aden Confiscates Smuggled Weapons

SMA News – Aden – Exclusive
Al-Manassa (Mashhour) post, under commandership of Abdullah Omar, of the Security Belt Troops in Salah El-Din (western) sector, confiscated a huge number of weapons heading to Aden. Hussain Kattan, commander of Salah El-Din (western) sector, indicated that during inspection of some cars heading to Aden, two Hyundai cars were carrying 50 pieces of Kalashnikov guns, 25 at each car. Kattan said that four persons were arrested and preliminary investigations indicated that they were heading from Taiz to Aden through the desert road. Kattan indicated that the drivers were detained for interrogation before being transferred to judicial authorities. He also asserted that the security belt will remain the fire wall that protects Aden and the whole south from similar criminal smuggling. Kattan thanked soldiers of the post for their effort and recent achievements in addition to appreciating the efforts of the Arab Coalition, UAE, Aden security department, under commandership of General Shallal Shaia, and security belt troops of Aden, under commandership of Waddah Omar. It is noteworthy that during the past few days, Al-Manassa (Mashhour) post exhausted several operations of smuggling weapons and explosives.

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