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Security Belt of Lahj Arrests a Prominent Terrorist of ISIS

SMA News – Lahj – Exclusive
Security belt of Lahj arrested a prominent leader of ISIS. Galal Al-Rubaei, commander of security Belt troops in Lahj indicated that the troops moved according to intel info as the arrest was done without resistance when “A. A. A.”, the wanted terrorist, was surrendered by his family and neighbors. Al-Rubaei also indicated that pervious warns were sent by the security belt to urge citizens to cooperate and surrender the wanted terrorists hiding among them in case they returned home. It is noteworthy that the security belt found great cooperation from citizens in issues concerning anti-terrorism war and all issues relevant to the security status at the governorate. Security systems of Lahj receive reports of citizens concerning unusual disappearance of their sons or doubts about hiding places of terrorist groups.

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