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Sessions Will Never Be Held

Written by: Nasser Harhara

The call for holding sessions of the expired Yemeni parliament in Aden, capital of the south, is a continuation of violating the southern sovereignty started in 1994 war. It is a try from a parliament without any jurisdiction on a land liberated by the bloods of southern martyrs to provide an authority without legitimacy with legitimacy after this authority escaped from Sanaa to Aden. At that time, his excellency Abd Rabu Mansour Hady couldn’t control even the smallest security force in Aden. At that time, a minor northern officer, Abd Al-Hafez Al-Sakkaf, refused to obey presidential orders but our southern people fought him till he was expelled from the south with another 48 northern brigades and military units that were violating our southern sovereignty. Today, a group of corrupt persons come to violate our southern sovereignty again after all these sacrifices that liberated the south from the vicious occupation.
No matter the sacrifices are, we will never allow them to put their filthy feet on our national soil that mixed with the bloods of our martyrs. Let their illegitimate members of the parliament go to their lands to liberate it and find themselves a place to hold their parliament sessions in. we welcome the southern persons as citizens with equal rights and duties with their people. Today the only legitimacy is the southern people’s legitimacy and their resistance. It is the revolutionary transitional legitimacy that protects the southern sovereignty.

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