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Shabwa Elites: Anti-Terrorism and Anti-Drugs Operations are Parallel Lines

SMA News – Report – Ahmed Al-Hur
With a rate exceeding 90% of successful security operations and arresting a huge number of drug addicts and dealers, and in its pursuit to full elimination of crime in Shabwa, where drug dealing is a major cause of crime, Shabwa Elites troops insist on fighting this serious phenomenon by all means.
Recently, knowledgeable sources indicated that Shabwa Elites prevented two pharmacies from selling medication without prescriptions as these two pharmacies used to sell medication used by addicts without prescriptions. This led Shabwa Elites to launch a campaign against drugs.
The campaign will begin from Azzan and continue to all Shabwa directorates. In addition to arresting drug dealers and addicts, the campaign will distribute stickers to warn youth against the danger of drugs. In addition, pharmacies will be warned against selling medications without prescriptions as this may lead to close the pharmacy down.

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