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Shabwa Elites Attack Terrorist Dens in Lower Markha

SMA News – Shabwa – Exclusive

As part of the supreme goal of securing Shabwa and fighting terrorism, Shabwa Elites troops initiated a security operation at early hours of Saturday morning with intelligence and logistic backup of the Arab Coalition. The troops attacked a terrorist den in Markha and arrested hiding terrorists there.
Troops were committed to all rules of engagement and other traditional and humanitarian measures but terrorists committed several acts that the troops retaliated to wisely and preserved the lives of Markha citizens in a successful qualitative operation. The troops are still pursuing escape terrorists all over Markha.
Shabwa Elites Troops demand all citizens in Markhs to stick to the security parameter imposed by the troops in this extraordinary condition and assert that normal life will be restored as soon as possible.
The troops also warn against media campaigns that try to maim the heroic deeds of the troops and asserts that all those who try to maim these efforts will be delivered to justice under charges of spreading chaos and supporting terrorism.
The troops assert that all its element will do their best to secure life in Shabwa and restore it to normal through fighting evil powers of terrorism all over Shabwa as the bloods of our martyrs will be the bridge to safety.

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