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Shabwa Elites Troops Announce Details of Securing Markha from Terrorists

SMA News – Shabwa – Exclusive

A s part of the military and security operations initiated by Shabwa Elites Troops, with full backup of the Arab Coalition, the troops launched a securing operation in Al-Hajar village – Markha, at an early hour of Saturday January 5th, 2019. The troops arrived at the house of “Obaid Allah Al-Mehdar”, a wanted terrorist who was holding a meeting in huis house with other terrorists, and called them through microphones to surrender and spare innocent citizens and lethal consequences of engagement. But terrorists refused to respond. The troops remained patient hoping that terrorists will prefer wisdom and surrender but on the contrary, terrorists opened fire from different direction to the troops using grenades and RPGs. Troops retaliated in self-defense and caused terrorists more than ten killings and tens of injuries. Survivors escaped and hid among innocent civilians preventing the troops from pursuing them for fear of causing civilians any damage. Terrorists demanded help from neighboring tribes to break up the siege and Shabwa Elites approved that measure without abandoning the goals of the operation but terrorists used the truce to rearrange their lines and deploy weapons and then opened fire again to the troops in violation of truce terms and all traditions. The troops are still engaging with terrorist till now. Four soldiers of the troops martyred while six others were injured during the operation.

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