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Signs of defection among the ranks of the Tripoli-backed Erdogan militia

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Despite the great support of Turkish President Rajab Tayyip Erdogan, the armed militias in Tripoli look not acting as their leaders expected, and signs of splits have appeared on the surface of the ranks of the militias supported by Turkey and Qatar in Tripoli.

A report from the American Associated Press confirmed that there was a split within the Libyan militias over whether or not Turkey’s extremists sent in its ranks, as some believe that the background of the fighters is not important “since they came to help defend the capital”, while others believe that the coming fighters will harm the image of the reconciliation government, which is promoting itself that it still has international legitimacy.

The report added that the different infrastructure of these militias made there a struggle between the leaders of those militias, given the different agenda of each of them, which led some to defect and form new fighting fronts in contravention of international law and the sovereignty of Libya over its territory.

This comes in conjunction with the continued sending by Turkey of terrorist and ISIS fighters to Libya to fight in the capital, Tripoli, on behalf of the Al-Wifak government and its militias, after the failure of the mercenaries who recruited them and sent them there weeks ago to help repel the Libyan army.

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