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Acting President of Southern Transitional Council witnesses military parade by anti-terrorist units of Asifah Brigade

SMA NEWS – Aden the Capital

Dr. Nasser Al-Khobaji, member of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council, Acting President of the Council and Head of the Negotiations Affairs Unit, witnessed, on Sunday, a mini-tactical military parade of the counterterrorism forces units of Asifah Brigade in the capital Aden.

On his arrival to the parade yard, along with Eng. Nizar Haitham, the member of the Council Presidency, Head of the Executive Authority of the Local Leadership of the Council in Aden the capital, the Acting President was received by Brigadier General Osan Al-Anshali, commander of the Asifah Brigades in the capital, and senior commanders of counterterrorism units.

The military parade was inaugurated with displays of reconnaissance aircraft, as well as pictorial displays of the anti-terrorist attacks, in which Brigadier General Osan Al-Anshali provided a full explanation of these operations and how to implement them.

This was followed by tactical demonstrations on the field, during which the members of the anti-terrorist units of the Asifah Brigade showed their high readiness to carry out the tasks required by them in dealing with the developments of wars and confronting the threats of outlaws with precision and mastery.

Al-Anshali stressed the readiness of the anti-terrorism forces to perform their duties to preserve the security and tranquility of the capital Aden, and to confront anyone who tries to undermine the security of the capital and the southern homeland in general, and their readiness to implement any directives received from the President, Commander Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi, the President of the Transitional Council, Supreme Commander of the Southern Armed Forces and Security.

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