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Aden Electricity reveals reasons for increasing hours of power cut off

SMA NEWS – ADEN the Capital

The General Electricity Corporation of Aden the capital clarified to the citizens that the reasons for the increase in the hours of power outage since Saturday was due to the delay in the arrival of fuel tankers to the power stations, as a number of stations have actually gone out of service due to the fuel running out in the morning, which caused an increase in the hours of power cut off.

The Corporation confirmed that the generation stations have begun to gradually return to service at noon Saturday, after they were supplied with fuel, which will contribute to reducing the cut off hours to what they were before the fuel ran out.

The Corporation indicates that the 60 MW government is still out of service due to the lack of sufficient fuel to operate it, and it will return to service upon the arrival of the fourth batch of the grant, according to the statement of the Supervisory and Oversight Committee on the grant is expected to arrive within the next two days.

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