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After meteorological agency’s warnings .. Southern Self-Administration calls on residents of Aden and neighboring governorates to be cautious

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According to the Meteorological agency warnings of the possibility of heavy rains to fall and flow of torrential rains in Aden the capital during Thursday and Friday, the Self-Administration of the South calls on the residents of the capital Aden and the neighboring governorates to be cautious and take the necessary precautions.

It also invites them to contribute in opening rain and flood drainage channels and paths in various areas and residential neighborhoods to avoid similar losses as happened in the case of the last air drop, the Self-Administration calls on the local leaderships of the Transitional Council in the neighboring districts and governorates  to support and coordinate with the local authorities and their executive offices to work jointly with the Self-Administration and the leadership of the Transitional Council to reduce the size of expected damages.

We ask Allah to be kind to Aden and its people and avoid them all evil, and to make the rain of good and blessing.

Eng. Nazar Haitham

Official spokesman for the Southern Transitional Council

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