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Al-Kaf and Haitham check on the conditions of Al-Amal Health Quarantine Center in Bureika

SMA NEWS – Aden the Capital

Eng. Adnan Al-Kaf, member of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council, Acting Secretary-General of the Presidency, Chairman of the Relief and Humanitarian Work Committee, along with Eng. Nizar Haitham, member of the Presidency, Head of Transitional Council Executive of Aden the capital, paid on Sunday an inspection visit to the “Al-Kumaiti Hall” quarantine for health isolation in the district of Bureika in the capital Aden.

Al-Kaf and Haitham, listened, from those in charge of the quarantine, to a full explanation of the progress of work, and how to receive patients suspected of being infected with Coronavirus (Covid-19), and the medical services provided to them.

The work team at Al-Amal quarantine also previewed the challenges that doctors and nurses face, expressing their regret at the neglect that the competent authorities in the country practice towards the center, which doubles the suffering of patients and the medical staff.

Al-Kaf praised the self-efforts made by doctors and nurses in order to confront this dangerous pandemic, by managing this health center to sort and isolate the infected and provide them with full care.

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