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Al-Kaf discusses with Secretary-General of Federation of Private Medical Facilities ways of coordination to confront Corona pandemic

SMA NEWS – Aden the Capital

Eng. Adnan Muhammad Al-Kaf, Acting Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council, Chairman of the Relief and Humanitarian Work Committee of the Council, met on Wednesday, with Dr. Muhammad Al-Yazidi, Secretary-General of the Federation of Private Medical Facilities in the capital Aden.

The meeting, which was attended by members of the Transitional Council’s Corona Confrontation Committee, discussed ways to coordinate efforts between the Corona Confrontation Committee of the Council, and the Federation of Private Medical Facilities, and the government side.

The meeting reviewed the current health situation in the capital Aden and other southern governorates in light of the second wave of the Corona pandemic, and the increasing number of infected cases, as well as the problems and difficulties that the medical sector suffers from, and the contribution of international organizations in confronting this pandemic that threatens the lives of everyone.

Al-Kaf affirmed that the Transitional Council stands with all the efforts being made to implement preventive and precautionary measures to confront the Corona pandemic, and its readiness to overcome the difficulties faced by health personnel in quarries and health centers in the capital, Aden, and the rest of the southern governorates.

The meeting stressed the need to coordinate efforts and work as one team to overcome this ordeal that the country and the world are experiencing, and the necessity for a parity government, represented by the Ministry of Health and its offices in the governorates and districts, to play their role and duty in facing this pandemic.

In conclusion, the meeting stressed the importance of promoting community health awareness of the dangers of this pandemic and the right ways to prevent it, through the available media.

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