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Al-Zubaidi Launches frequency Codes of Two TV Channels Broadcasting from Aden

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Aden – Exclusive[/su_label][su_spacer][su_dropcap]P[/su_dropcap]resident Aidarous Kassem Al-Zubaidi, president of the Southern Transitional Council, and his vice president, Sheikh Hany Ben Brik, with attendance of members of the presidency, launched a new era of televised media with the launch of two TV channels broadcasting from Aden to transfer the southern voice all over the world.
The launch of these two channels is the first step of the council’s channels to deliver an honest media message that supports southern sense of belonging and fights ignorance, illiteracy and extremism, in addition to assuming social responsibility through adopting social issues and motivating thorough development in all fields.
Nizar Haitham, official spokesman of the council indicated that the launch of these channels aims to foster southern media presence accompanying ground control. He added that this launch will transfer the southern cause into wider horizons according to the council’s vision that 2019 is the year of empowerment.
Haitham asserted that the southern cause should be present in media according to the strategy of using modern technology as a tool in our struggle. In addition, the council believes that the content of these channels should be available via other digital and electronic platforms to develop the southern media performance.
Haitham announced the experimental broadcast of AIC, a news a political analysis channel. In addition, AIC 2, a variety and cultural channel will be launched soon, followed with a third channel that care for social issues of the south to transfer the southern street issues to friends and brothers in other countries.
AIC can be seen on Nile Sat: Frequency 12188 horizontal – coding 27500.

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