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Authority of Brotherhood insists on controlling Shabwa, imposing taxes and depriving it of services

SMA NEWS – Shabwa

The Brotherhood’s terrorist authority, led by the so-called Mohammad Bin Udayo, practices oil smuggling operations and benefiting from its revenues, but at the same time it refuses to improve the services provided to citizens.

Observers believe that the Brotherhood targets Shabwa governorate with its crimes to ensure its control over the oil revenues from which its fugitive leaders abroad profit, led by the Terrorism General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar. It has the ability to obtain resources to attract mercenaries and elements of terrorist organizations.

They assert that the oil trade is one of the reasons that push the Brotherhood to prolong the conflict and thwart any attempts that would reach a political solution, because there are hostile regional powers that benefit from smuggling operations and use them to ignite other wars in the region by financing terrorist organizations.

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