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Bin Brik: We are currently working upon the will of President Hadi

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The Vice-President of the Southern Transitional Council, Hani Ali Bin Brik, affirmed that the joining of the Islah party elements and northern seniors with Hadi is not due to their love to him, and not because of their fear from the Houthis, but they joined Hadi to ensure not the independence of the south.

Bin Brik said in a series of tweets on Twitter: The joining of Islah elements and senior northerners to Hadi is not for their love to him, and is not for their fear from the Houthi, as Houthis at that time were keen to keep everyone, they joined Hadi to ensure not the independence of the south,

They were in Sana’a and went to Saada to search with the Houthi for a southern alternative to Hadi and they did not find one. He told me about this President Hadi himself.

He added in another tweet: “I met President Hadi in my first meetings with a number of Salafi resistance before my appointment as a government minister, and we talked to him about the danger of the Islah party on him, and he began explaining to us how his siege was in Sana’a, and how the Islah leaders went to reach to an understanding with Houthi, and he told us literally, work for the South, and thus we work upon his will. ”

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