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Brotherhood and Al Qaeda militias admit the killing of number of their leaders in Abyan front

Friday 13 November 2020
SMA News – Abyan

The terrorist Brotherhood militia has admitted the deaths of a number of its most prominent field military leaders in the battles of Abyan on Friday.

The terrorist militia acknowledged the death of Haitham Al-Zamaki, brother of the terrorist Luay Al-Zamki, commander of the Third Brigade, Presidential Protection, and the prominent leader in Al-Qaeda organization, Ahmed Ali Al-Qissma, known as Abu Khattab, who was a student and was raised by the prominent leader in Al-Qaeda Jamil Al-Anbari and Mohammad Dramah, known as Abu Al-Bishr, the legal mufti of terrorist groups in the Arabian Peninsula,

Al-Qissma was a prominent leader in 2011 until he was captured by the people committees and was handed over by the leadership of the committees to the minister of Defense Mohammad Nasser, and in early 2015, he fled and returned to his activity within the terrorist groups

Field sources said that Al-Qissma was killed along with a large number of terrorist elements.

The Brotherhood’s militia lost dozens of its prominent members and leaders in the battles taking place at Shokra front at dawn on Friday and during the past days, amid news of their secrecy about the deaths of large leaders that they did not announce.

The Brotherhood’s militia had summoned hundreds of its armed elements in al-Qaeda and ISIS who were fighting alongside its militia in the governorates of Al-Bayda and Marib, where the Islah militia coming from Marib through Shabwa paved the way for groups of terrorist elements, most of whom were field commanders.

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