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Brotherhood militias escalate in Abyan and bomb southern forces

The militia of the Brotherhood’s Islah Party renewed the military escalation in Abyan on Sunday, by targeting the southern forces’ positions, according to the media spokesman for Abyan axis, Mohammad al-Naqib.

“In the meantime, these militias are shooting with various weapons on the middle and left sectors of Abyan front,” al-Naqib said.

Commenting on the renewal of the shooting breach, he added, “The Brotherhood militia deals with the Riyadh Agreement and the ceasefire agreement as if it is a wall supporting it to stand on its feet in carrying out violations here and there and reviving itself from the weakness that devoured the morale of its members.”

The escalation of the militias comes after the Friday meetings of President Hadi with his advisers, the Prime Minister-designate, and the Presidency of the Parliament, which to indicate the imminent announcement of the new government, according to the Riyadh Agreement.

The militias of the Islah Brotherhood Party had stopped the escalation in Abyan during the past days, and escalated last week, after a meeting between Hadi and Al-Zubaidi in Riyadh.

It is noted that the escalation of the Brotherhood Islah Party militia in Abyan is linked to the proximity of consensus to implement the Riyadh Agreement, which means a move outside the framework of the presidency and the government’s position, and a challenge to the efforts of the Arab coalition.

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