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Chairman of #Corona Virus Response Committee delivers two important messages upon  developments

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Professor Dr. Salem Al-Shabahi, Chairman of the Corona Virus Response Committee, delivered on Friday two urgent and important messages after the new developments in health situation, with the finding of a case of Corona virus infection in the city of Al-Shehr, in Hadramout

Dr. Al-Shabahi called on everyone to take a serious and responsible stand to confront and besiege the spread of this pandemic, stressing on the need to create a community awareness of this disease and ways to deal with it to facilitate the working procedures of those who deal with this virus.

His first message was to the public, saying:

We are every day and since dawn for this particular Friday in a state of mobilization and communication with all regions and governorates and always fixed in our noble medical sites and we will not retreat.

We assure you, trust us on our medical and health fronts, splendor, honor, and heroism. We assure you that all doctors of the south, nurses, and all volunteers work. We are in the front steps.

Your prayers to us for good luck.

He delivered his second message to the official and security authorities and borders protectors, saying:

We repeatedly ask you to permanently close the borders, ports, crossings, airports and seaports, and to control transfers between governorates and districts, except for necessity, and apply curfew, and implement all of these as a precautionary step due to the recent health news.

We require all medical teams to be prepared in all hospitals and places of sorting with all health facilities and Al-Amal quarry in particular, and use preventive instructions and take information from any suspicious in details, and to deal with the situation medically and with complete calm, and lack of fear and panic, and perform what is necessary.

Dr. Al-Shabahi stressed that all statements in this regard should be left only to the spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population, Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Ali Al-Walidi.

Al-Shabahi said that we all have to cooperate and prepare for anything, and this is our front in which we are practicing in defense of our people, from our location in which we are established, and we offer our medical services according to what is available and with the capabilities to defend our good and distressed people.


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