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 Continuous Houthi rallies in Al-Dhali .. Southern forces announce their full readiness to fight

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The Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia continues to mobilize its forces and fighters for days, towards the north and west fronts of Al-Dhali province.

According to local sources from the city of Damt, and Ibb governorate, the Houthi militias continue to mobilize their forces in those areas towards the fighting fronts in Al-Dhali that have been in fight for days.

A senior intelligence source said that the Houthi militias pushed a number of combat battalions from the so-called “Al-Samad Brigade” and tribal crowds from Saada, Amran and Dhamar, in addition to a number of military vehicles and military equipment towards the areas of confrontations with the southern forces in Al-Dhali.

The media official of the Al-Dhali front, Captain Majid Al-Shuaibi, said in a special statement to the Al-Dhali front media center, that the southern forces raised their full readiness to confront any possible Houthi escalation, coinciding with the collapse of the legitimacy forces on Marib and Al-Jawf fronts.

According to the media official in the Al-Dhali front, the large Houthi reinforcements that successively reach the Al-Dhali fronts coinciding with the militia’s control of Nahm district in Sana’a and Al-Jawf governorate, which had been fell with the complicity of the Yemeni Islah party and its leaders and the Houthi group, which is sponsored by the State of Qatar, with Turkey and Oman.

Captain Majid Al-Shuaibi called on the Arab coalition countries to support the fronts of Al-Dhali with heavy military equipment and weapons, so they can achieve successive victories against Iranian-backed Houthi militia.

The fronts of the fighting are witnessing a violent escalation during the past 48 hours in more than one front, during which the southern forces managed to break 5 offensive operations by the militias on the fronts of al-Job, al-Fakher and Battar.

It is noteworthy that the continuous Houthi rallies towards the fighting fronts burning with Al-Dhali are considered the largest since the Houthi coup in September 2014, and their control of the Yemeni capital, Sana’a.

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