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Crisis Cell of Southern Transitional Council stands in front of number of crises in the southern arena


The Crisis Cell in the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council held on Sunday, its periodic meeting headed by Dr. Khaled Bamdhaf, Head of the Political Department, Head of the Cell.

In its meeting, the cell stood in front of a number of crises, the most important of which was the provocative decisions issued by President Abdu Rabbo Hadi, which represented a clear violation of the Riyadh Agreement that was signed between the Southern Transitional Council and the Yemeni government.

The cell confirmed that these decisions were a treacherous stab at the Agreement and summoned the firm position issued by the Transitional Council on Sunday, due to the danger these decisions represent to the prestige and status of the Agreement, which was agreed upon and signed under the auspices of the brothers in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

The meeting touched on the security situation in Shabwa governorate and the campaigns of arrests and raids against citizens’ homes without any legal procedures.

The cell denounced the recent measures that do not comply with the provisions of the Riyadh Agreement, represented by the Governor of Shabwa launching work in the port of Qena without referring to the authorities of the Arab Sea ports or the Gulf of Aden, and without the knowledge of the Ministry of Transport and the Council of Ministers, which increases doubts about that port of being used as a passage for smuggling derivatives of Oil, and terrorist elements, and weapons.

The cell also stood in the way of delaying the salaries of the military and security forces, and recommended that the government should carry out its role and duties by disbursing salaries as soon as possible.

In conclusion, the cell condemned the arrest and detention of travelers at the military points in Abyan governorate by the Brotherhood’s militias refusing to withdraw from their sites, and the cell called on the Arab Coalition to stop these violations and work to release the detainees.

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