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Crisis Management Cell in the General Secretariat of STC discusses political crisis and its repercussions

SMA News – Aden the capital

The Crisis Management Cell in the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council held on Wednesday, its meeting in Aden the capital.

The meeting reviewed the most prominent crises on the southern arena recently and their effects on the people of the south and their livelihoods.

The meeting previewed the current political situation represented by the delay in announcing of the formation of the government according to the Riyadh Agreement, and its repercussions that appeared on the service, economic, humanitarian, military and other aspects in the south.

The meeting affirmed that the current political crisis has created many crises that we see today that have been reflected in the nature and level of people’s lives due to the lack of a political solution to end the crisis, stressing the need to implement the Riyadh Agreement as soon as possible as agreed upon to avoid the situation deteriorating further than it is.

The Cell called on to the coalition countries and international community organizations to provide all assistance and support away from political conflicts to alleviate the suffering of the citizens.

The meeting discussed the situation in the capital, Aden, praising the role of directors of all districts in the capital, and stressing the importance of the continuity of their service activity to present the beauty of capital Aden, as it should be.

The meeting reviewed a number of proposed perceptions regarding a range of issues and crises and what could be done about them, and also reviewed and approved the minutes of its previous meeting.

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