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Dear Mr. Griffith: For Peace We May Forgive, but we Can Never Forget!! Professor Abd Al-Nasser Al-Wali Chairman of Local Leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in Aden

[su_label type=”info”] SMA News – Aden – Exclusive[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″][su_dropcap]D[/su_dropcap]ear Mr. Martin Griffith: A historical hand shake in Stockholm is a cheap price for martyrs’ bloods, injured pains and families’ suffering. Four years of destruction, hunger, poverty and illness. Four years amid lack of services, suffocating siege, torn ethics and economic and social deterioration. Four years of oppression, humiliation and deprivation. Four years of ignorance and dark practices. Four years of that kind can never end with a hand shake between those who don’t possess and those who don’t deserve.
Dear Mr. Martin Griffith: We are just asking about the one who is responsible for all that happens to the people in the south and north. Who is guilty for all that? Is there an accused who is assumed responsible for all that? People in the north and south were crushed, killed and bled. They were rapped, humiliated and compromised. Isn’t there someone, or even some people, who bears this responsibility? We know them by name and the whole world too. They are well-known, as well as their approach, intentions and goals. The whole world knows them and acknowledges their crimes as the peak of criminal acts.
Dear Mr. Martin Griffith: A catastrophic war, that led my country to be described as the country with the biggest humanitarian catastrophe, simply ends with a hand shake!! Eight million citizens in the north and south who are under mass starvation, how can they celebrate this hand shake as a historic achievement that they should welcome?
Dear Mr. Martin Griffith: Till now, Hitler’s Nazi war criminals are still under pursuit just because their crimes touched your country. War criminals during Bosnia war are severely punished and being under judicial pursuit just because they committed their crimes against your European neighbors. South Africa’s apartheid identified criminals as some of them were punished while others were liable under transitional justice law. But no one shock hands with them. instead, they were outcasted, rejected and described by harsh words. In Kongo, all those who participated in war crimes and genocides were tried and punished as the who world lined up behind the people against killers.
Dear Mr. Martin Griffith: Any war, genocide or discrimination based on ethnic, gender, color or religious reasons, can never be let go and those who committed such crimes should be tried and punished. This is the mission of UN Security Council and the United Nations. They should prevent such acts and never let it go without punishment and full confession and apology from the criminal. This is the minimum acceptable limit.
Dear Mr. Martin Griffith: What is your message to my little daughter who is still under shock and feels terrified just for hearing a bullet, an air craft or a tank coming from far away? She keeps asking me “Who is behind this Dad?” and I always answer her honestly that I know them well. She also asks about this honorable man whose name is linked to Yemen as a peace envoy and I answer her with your name and some details that may help her feel comforted and hopes for better.
Dear Mr. Martin Griffith: Today, she watches you shaking hands with them and wonders “Aren’t they who denied us peace Dad? How can the peace envoy shake hands with them? Is it logical dad that those who denied us peace will bring it to us? Didn’t you tell me that they will be punished as criminals? Does the criminal become a hero who is welcomed by the whole world to shake hands and take photos with? Dad, I can’t believe they are criminals!! They are smiling at each other’s and the world is smiling at them. I wish you were a criminal like them dad so that everyone can shake hands with you and smiles with your photos on all newspapers and TV screens. But please tell me Dad, who denied us peace? Who destroyed my school, killed my friends and oppressed you and my country dad?
Dear Mr. Martin Griffith: We understand that your major concern is to stop war with any price as the whole world is sick of it. But Sir, my people know who started it and who caused it. Meanwhile, my people appreciate your efforts to stop it but they will never accept to surrender their destiny again to those who caused war in the first place. Let me remind you again that “To achieve peace you need partners with real interests in peace. But seeking peace from lords of war and traders of destruction will never lead to anything”.
Dear Mr. Martin Griffith: We know our heroes. We learned their stories from history books. We lived with them in the fields of battels. They responded eagerly to the call of their country. They are wandering all over the country with sleepless eyes and fearless hearts. But those who you are shaking hands with we will never shake hands with them as we know well what they want.
Dear Mr. Martin Griffith: For peace, we may forgive. But we can never forget. So, don’t ask us to do so.
Best regards.

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