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Details of Brotherhood’s militia storming Jardan district in #Shabwa

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The Brotherhood militias stormed on Thursday morning, Jardan district, in Shabwa governorate, to disperse a peaceful meeting.


The break-in was at nine in the morning, and came after the announcement of several societal components, and the leadership of the local leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in the district for a general meeting of the citizens of Jardan district, and the eastern districts in general, to discuss the violations of the Brotherhood’s special forces against the citizens of Shabwa, and throwing children into the war in Abyan governorate.


The invading forces were stationed in Jardan market, near the edges overlooking the market, and the entrances to Jardan valley, then withdrew to the government complex, and now it is there.


These forces clashed with a number of the citizens of the district on their entering to the district market, killing a young man, and injuring another member of the Al-Dhabab tribe, and one militia member was killed while another got wounded in which they were transferred to Ataq city.


Al-Dhabab tribe and a number of the people of Jardan district flocked to Shaq Bin Dhabab area, and cut the highway linking Jardan to the city of Ataq.


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