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Dofes Security Post Seizes Explosives Coming from Al-Baida and Heading to Adan

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Dofes – Abian – Exclusive [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Security post in Dofes – Abian seized a hi-lux vehicle carrying explosives coming from Loder and heading to Adan. Commander of Dofes security post, Mahmoud Al-Keldy, indicated that soldiers of the post managed to control the vehicle and arrest the driver “M. N. A.” who confessed that he got the explosives from a terrorist of Al-Qaeda as they brough it from Al-Baida to Loder and then to Adan. The arrested driver indicated that the terrorist was following him on the road to see if he would pass or being arrested until he disappeared on the Stadium road in Abian. Al-Keldy also indicated that the iron-made explosives and the vehicle were confiscated and will be transferred to 7th October camp in Abian along with the arrested driver to complete his interrogation. Mahmoud Al-Keldy also thanked soldiers of Dofes post for their courage and great efforts in securing Abian, Adan and Hadhramaut through detecting and seizing lots of explosives and weapons that might be used in terrorist acts.

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