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Dr. Al-Khobaji  meets with Prime Minister and Head of Saudi Coordination and Liaison Committee

SMA NEWS – Aden The Capital

The member of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council, Acting President of the Council, Head of the Negotiations Affairs Unit, Dr. Nasser Al-Khobaji, met on Monday, in Aden the capital, with the Prime Minister, Dr. Maeen Abdul-Malik Saeed, and Head of the Saudi Coordination and Field Liaison Committee, Major General Mohammad bin Saad Al-Rabie.

In the meeting, discussions were held on many urgent issues, foremost of which was the completion of the implementation of the provisions of the Riyadh Agreement,  and dealing with the needs of citizens, providing services, addressing the economic crisis, and paying salaries, treating the wounded, arranging the conditions of state institutions and building them properly, combating corruption and favoritism, and starting to implement the general program of the government of parity on the ground of reality in a way that alleviates the suffering of the citizens and grief from their shoulders.

The meeting was attended by Ali Al Kathiri; member of the Transitional Council Presidency, Deputy Head of the Negotiations Affairs Unit, official spokesman for the Council, and the members of the the Council Presidency and the Negotiations Affairs Unit, Adnan Al-Kaf, Abdul Rahman Sheikh, in addition to Anis Al-Sharafi, the member and reporter of the Negotiations Affairs Unit.

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