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During the Graduation Ceremony of the Eighth Patch of Security Forces, Chief of Adan Security Department: Loud Voices of Our Enemies will Never Affect Our Solid Relations with the Arab Coalition

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Adan – Exclusive [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Ras Abbas Camp witnessed the graduation ceremony of the eighth security patch on May 3rd, 2018. Commanders and officers of the Arab Coalition, Chief of Adan Security Department, General Shalla Ali Shaia, Chief of Lahj security department, brigadier Saleh Al-Sayed, commanders of the security belt forces and chiefs of Adan police stations attended the ceremony.
During his speech in the ceremony, General Shaia said: “With God’s blessings, and support of the Arab Coalition, today we witness the graduation of a new patch of our security heroes who will bear the responsibility of securing the south. In this educational monument, they learnt their theoretical and practical knowledge to defend our lands and to become a security valve for the whole region against any enemy projects, either by a greedy country or a terrorist group. Those heroes who believe in their cause, managed to defeat the Iranian project, with support of the Arab Coalition under commandership of Saudi Arabia and UAE, without any training. Today they got their professional training to stop the invaders and their sectarian projects. From here, we say to the whole world, we defeated Iran and their militias without training. And today, our heroes are well-trained. This will secure our victory, with God’s will and Arab Coalition support, in addition to the historic role of our southern resistance that ripped our rights without asking anyone. We are now ready to exhaust all destructive terrorist projects. Such projects that enemies of the south believe they are able to pass it through the south. To them we say in vain. You only say a little of what we can do. To everyone, inside and outside the south, we say that the south today is not the same as yesterday. We left our homes, cities and villages as potential martyrs and here we are saying it again till the deaf ears of the enemy hear it: we are potential martyrs till we reach our goals. Those brave soldiers say to you that Adan will never have an Emir with a room full of explosives and terrorist plans. Adan will enjoy security and their people will remain safe, by God’s will, the Coalition support and the determination of the southern security forces. On behalf of you all let me greet the commander of the Arab Coalition, Abu Khaled who fosters the science-based training and combat. Let me greet UAE for sincere support. And let me say to those loud voices of Muslim Brotherhood that your noise will never affect our solid relations with our brothers of the Coalition. So, save your voices as what will come next will be farm more bitter for you”.

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