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Entitled: (Introduction to risk-based supervisory monitoring) … Inaugurating online training for banking monitoring sector at Central Bank in Aden



An online training course, entitled: (Introduction to risk-based supervisory monitoring), was launched on Sunday at the Central Bank building in Aden, for the employees of the banking monitoring sector, organized by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), in cooperation with the Middle East Technical Assistance Center (METAC), and will continue until September 3, 2020.


This course aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the application of the risk-based supervisory monitoring, and to prepare a draft roadmap aimed at implementing risk-based oversight for the future in Yemen, and to set milestones aimed at supporting that roadmap on the basis of the current situation and the gaps that must be addressed.


Mr. Terry Bangraatz, Inspector General of the Bank of France, opened the session by welcoming the participants and introducing the course topics and contents, then he gave the space to Mr. Didier, who previewed for the participants the themes of the first day’s topics, which included several headings, the most important of which are: Examples of banking problems in light of recent developments over the past thirty years.. quick introduction to banking risk-based supervisory monitoring.. implementing risk-based supervisory monitoring.. What are the basic principles for establishing effective risk-based monitoring?


After that, the participants from the banking monitoring sector were given the chance to present the monitoring challenges they face when exercising their duties, and identifying the needs and requirements that will assist the International Monetary Fund and the Middle East Technical Assistance Center (METAC) in developing an appropriate technical assistance program to address these challenges, and trying to plan different missions of technical assistance that will address such needs more in depth.


The first day of the session was successfully concluded according to its schedule, which lasted for five hours.

It should be noted that the session was organized via Internet video conference (CISCO WEBEX) under the supervision of the Information Technology Department of the Central Bank, at the main center in Aden.

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