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Flash Operation for Southern Anti-terrorism units Against ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Kaifat Radia

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Follow-ups [/su_label][su_spacer] On Friday June 23rd, 2018, security sources indicate to “Al-Ayam” newspaper that a special unit of anti-terrorism in Lahj, with backup of Arab Coalition and US logistic support, launched a flash military operation against Al-Qaeda terrorists in Kaifat Radia in Al-Baida governorate for the first time. Sources indicated that the unannounced successful operation was launched last Wednesday against targets of Al-Qaeda and ISIS. Sources added that the operation came in part of participation of recently trained Yemeni troops in US and Arab Coalition plans for attacking Al-Qaeda terrorists anywhere. Sources refused to provide more details but confirmed the safety of all unit members.
This is the first time to announce an attack launched by anti-terrorism units in southern governorates as these units launch special operations in territories considered under Al-Qaeda control since 2015 war. During the past few months, Kaifat Radia – Al-Baida witnessed several US drones’ raids in addition to direct US air drop against posts and barracks of Al-Qaeda in this area. This US air drop was announced by president Trump after his inauguration as US president.

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