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General Secretariat holds its periodic meeting and reviews report of economic scene and performance of Cultural Department

SMA NEWS – ADEN the Capital

The General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council held, today, Monday, its periodic meeting, headed by Mr. Fadl Mohammad Al-Jaadi, Deputy Secretary-General.

The meeting reviewed a report of the economic scene submitted by the Economic Department, in which it dealt with the most prominent crises that the governorates of the South suffer from, foremost of which is the ongoing crisis of electricity cuts and the suffering of citizens because of it, especially in light of the extreme high temperature during the summer in the south.

The economic report also dealt with the settlement crisis of the displaced in the capital, Aden and the governorates of the South, as well as the lands crisis, and following up on the mechanism of dealing with money exchangers and the legality of their places, in addition to a number of other economic issues related to the south and its citizens.

The meeting discussed the performance report of the Cultural Department in the General Secretariat during the first half of the year 2021, which included the most prominent activities and events and the most important achievements of the department during the mentioned period.

The meeting reviewed the most prominent economic, security and military issues and problems, as well as a draft plan for the meetings of the General Secretariat for the fourth semester “October-November-December 2021”.

The meeting called on the people of the south in general to actively participate in the memorial event for the deceased, Brigadier General Pilot Mohammad Jawas Al-Hasani, the commander of Abyan axis and the planner of the battle against terrorism, which will be held next Tuesday, in the capital, Aden.

The meeting reviewed the weekly activities reports of the departments of the General Secretariat, as well as the minutes of its previous meeting and approved it.

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