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Giants (AL-AMALIKA) Brigades: No truth to rumors of forces withdrawal from the West Coast

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The spokesperson for the Giants (AL-AMALIKA) Brigades, Mamoun Al-Mahjami, denied the news and rumors that said the forces of the Giants (AL-AMALIKA) Brigades withdrew from the West Coast front.

Al-Mahjami stressed that such news are being promoted by suspicious pens seeking for nothing but creating a break through the forces row in the West Coast front.

The spokesman said in a press statement that what happened on the West Coast front is the repositioning and deployment of forces and exchange of sites in the sectors of the West Coast front and there is no validity for the news promoted by the electronic flies of the hostile forces that get angry due to the cohesion of the joint forces in the front.

Al-Mahjami concluded by saying that the Giants (AL-AMALIKA) Brigades are more coherent and will remain unified strike force, and will maintain their position at the forefront of the operations of liberating the West Coast, and the hostile forces will not get what they wish and promote of rumors and spreading false news through their electronic flies.

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